In April 2013 Lebedis Ltd became part of The Urquhart Partnership.   We are no longer updating this website.  Instead, please head over to the The Urquhart Partnership website to find out more about our business.

Lebedis Ltd helps people develop through experiential learning.

Lessons learned by successful and effective managers are roughly: 70% from tough jobs, 20% from people and 10% from courses and reading.

– McCall, Eichinger & Lombardo

Lebedis Ltd recreates the tough job through experiential learning; supports that with great people; and provides just enough theory through courses and reading.

We do this because we’re driven by seeing people grow. There is little more rewarding than helping an individual make a positive transformational shift in their awareness, skills or behaviours.

We aim to deliver highly accessible  services that promote personal development in an innovative, modern and memorable way.

You can engage with Lebedis Ltd in a number of different ways: